October 18, 2006

STORYTRON - Interactive Storytelling

Wouldn't you like to be a character in one of your favorite novels and participate in directing the course of the story events? Chris Crawford, an ex computer game designer, has set out to give us the technology to do just that. Writers, instead of depicting a fixed course of events, will spend their time defining characters and circumstances. The reader, instead of just following a fixed course of events, will participate as one of the characters and watch as others in the story act and react to his actions. I am looking forward to their first demos, which should be available soon. I am also fascinated with the technology from an AI perspective: in particular the question of how much depth do the characters need to have in order for the story that unfolds from their interaction to be interesting.
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Deniz Yuret said...

Following the links from storytron, I ran into the following interesting thoughts on creativity. I generally don't like simple minded self-help books that tell you how to improve your brain, be more creative etc. This guy makes some decent observations: