May 26, 2018

MorphNet: A sequence-to-sequence model that combines morphological analysis and disambiguation

Erenay Dayanık, Ekin Akyürek, Deniz Yuret (2018). arXiv:1805.07946. (PDF)

Abstract: We introduce MorphNet, a single model that combines morphological analysis and disambiguation. Traditionally, analysis of morphologically complex languages has been performed in two stages: (i) A morphological analyzer based on finite-state transducers produces all possible morphological analyses of a word, (ii) A statistical disambiguation model picks the correct analysis based on the context for each word. MorphNet uses a sequence-to-sequence recurrent neural network to combine analysis and disambiguation. We show that when trained with text labeled with correct morphological analyses, MorphNet obtains state-of-the art or comparable results for nine different datasets in seven different languages.

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